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Organic Remedies


Organic Remedies located in Carlisle, PA., reached out to BGC looking to brand a new line of Medical Marijuana products along with a chain of dispensaries throughout Pennsylvania.

Organic Remedies has

become an industry leader in the advancement of medical cannabis therapy through innovative genetic programs, patient-focused care, and clinical research.

Mo' Dank  



Mo' Dank was to created as a targeted recreational cannabis brand for Missour consumers. The desired look for the brand was to connect with something more “authentic” by creating a true Missouri brand and build a local social phenomenon directed towards the recreational marijuana user.


Mo' Dank is an attitude and an expectation. They know these consumers expect mo' quality and mo' fun. The red brick background represents the local resource used to rebuild St. Louis after the Great Fire of 1849.

Wacky Packs_edited.jpg
Eden's Trees


Eden's Trees was created to

offer a new product directed towards the female recreational marijuana user in Missouri. The concept was to utilize a more feminine look for their target consumer, the “Wellness Woman.”


The desired look for the brand

was to be more feminine and stylish based loosely around fashion brands like Lululemon, Warby Parker and marijuana brands like Beobe and Leafs

by Snoop.

By employing this aesthetic the brand is leaning on premium

cues to enhance creativity, wellness and healing for the feminine consumer.

Steel City Greats


Partnering with former Pittsburg Steelers linebacker and NFL Pro Bowler Ryan Shazier, Organic Remedies reached out to BGC to introduce this co-branded product line to help patients improve their quality of life by managing pain, anxiety, and depression.

Ryan found restorative healing through medical marijuana as he underwent intensive physical therapy to learn to walk again following a career ending spinal cord injury.

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