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Raw Karma



Country Acres Cider Inc., located in Waynesboro, PA., reached out to BGC looking to extend its cider and lemonade product offerings to a line of health juices called “Raw Karma.” Tapping into the new-age beverage market, in March 2019 they launched a handful of new products that infuse Cannabidiol oils with raw, cold-pressed juice to combine their health benefits. 

Raw Karma juices are CBD drinks that claim to help regulate anxiety, sleep, mood and memory. Their natural, exotic blend of ingredients, collaborate to yield what could be the freshest and most medicinal raw fruit juices available on the market today. 

Kraft Cheese



As ACD at Spring Design Partners, we were tasked with overseeing the introduction and alignment of current and new product offerings within the Kraft cheese portfolio. Each brand presented unique challenges when repositioning or introducing a new product to market. 


With more consumers seeking natural, more flavorful cheese slices, Kraft had the opportunity to visually reposition Deli Deluxe under the Kraft Natural Cheese brand umbrella as a product that delivers premium, bold flavor, and leans into natural slices. 


With Kraft Singles we utilized strategic design to build on the nutritional credentials as equity of the brand by leveraging the inclusion of milk as the source of the better for you benefit. 

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Goodie Girl Cookies



CMO & Co. reached out to BGC for assistance with their client Goodie Girl when they wanted to create new product packaging for their gluten free Double Stuffed Chocolate Creme and Brown Sugar Cookies. The Brown Sugar Cookies were initially created as an exclusive for Jet Blue as a gluten free snack option for in-flight customers only. 

The product was so successful it was picked up and sold on Amazon as well as in-store at Whole Foods Market.




As ACD at Spring Design Partners, our Mondelez client tasked us with aligning new product offerings within the existing Oreo architecture while needing to stand out within the family. 

Mega Stuff, Halloween, Birthday Cake super-graphics set the stage for these limited edition (now permanent) offerings and creates a unique “Oreo moment” of childhood delight for consumers. The use of scale generates excitement at shelf engaging and enticing trial while clearly differentiating these limited edition brands from base Oreo skus. 

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As ACD at Spring Design Partners, we were tasked with overseeing the introduction and alignment of cross brand promotions within the Kraft / Mondelez portfolio. Kraft’s promotional partnerships provided unique opportunities to create engaging consumer experiences and increase consumer relevancy with their lifestyle brands. 

The Visual Strategies celebrate the graphic and emotional equities of each property, resulting in a dynamic visual language that is flexible enough to be translated across multiple brands and consumer touch points without sacrificing individual brand impact. 



CMO & Co. reached out to BGC for assistance with their client Franklin Foods when they wanted to launch a new plant-based cream cheese product called SimplyV. Retail & Food Service Sales & Marketing materials, Graphic Guidelines, Web Site assistance and Line Extension Packaging were needed prior to the US launch in January of 2023.


A European Favorite and now available for spreading around the U.S. SimplyV plant-based cream cheese is made with simple, natural ingredients, and crafted without dairy or lactose. Chef, kid, and earth approved.

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As Creative Partner at G2 our Topps client needed marketing materials for over 20 different collectible sports brands for sales in hobby and retail environments.


With the need for over 125 pieces of sales and retail marketing materials annually, Topps was constantly looking for fresh graphics to support its various sports and trading card initiatives. Everything from POP, packaging, trade and consumer advertising and sales materials were necessary to support all of the Topps brands. 

British American



As Creative Partner at G2 working with our BAT & B&W clients, we designed a wide array of incremental packaging for brands like Pall Mall, John Player Gold Leaf, Lucky Strike, Capri & Misty to increase awareness and sales. Creative development included Trade Promotions, Point of Sale Materials, Print Advertising, Consumer Promotions, Direct Marketing & Packaging.

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