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United States
Postal Service


As Design Director at Y&R-Madison Design, the United States Postal Service needed to modernize its image for a faster moving world competing with email, UPS and FedEx to name a few. We updated the brand look from the traditional eagle symbol sitting at rest on its bar created by Raymond Loewy, and streamlined its look to imply speed and reliability for an increasingly demanding consumer.

Working directly with the USPS Manager of Corporate Identity I was often referred to as the "Postal Logo Cop" where I was responsible for the implementation of the new look across multiple consumer touch points from the fleet graphics for over 300k delivery vehicles, nationwide collection boxes and global packaging still in use today.




Colgate-Palmolive reached out to BGC to assist in the rebranding of it's Global Design & Packaging division. They represent CP's global branding, structural design and packaging engineering for three distinct categories within the company: Oral Care, Personal Care and Home Care.


They wanted a fresh look that needed to convey global design excellence, graphic innovation, structural design and package engineering. Since it couldn't effectively represent everything, it was best to take a simple approach. The branding needed to be clean and understated to stand out among the sea of internal “clip art” logos created by other departments. 

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Avery & The Rushmore 



As Creative Partner at G2NY,  our client Extell Development Co. needed to introduce their ground breaking residential buildings “avery” and "The Rushmore" luxury properties to prospective investors in the Upper West Side In Manhattan. From naming / branding and sales materials to a fully experiential sales center that captured what a luxury lifestyle is like living on Riverside South in NYC, every touchpoint needed to reinforce the true definition of premium quality.

Underwriters Laboratories



As the world’s leading product safety testing and certification organization, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is synonymous with safety. The UL Mark is the most recognized and trusted symbol of safety but had become disconnected in markets around the world that had begun to utilize it's own versions of the mark. At G2 we developed an internal employee campaign that established a refreshed contemporary look for the company and unified the brand for it's global audience. 

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